We offer the following services to start-up or already existing companies:
  • establishing and organizing bookkeeping records for small business;
  • maintaining such records in conformity with legal requirements;
  • assisting managers in using accounting information as a crucial element in the decision-making process;
  • salary calculation, producing and submission the legal monthly or quarterly declarations;
  • producing semi-annual and annual financial reports;
  • performing financial and economic analyses based on accounting information and reporting the results;
  • evaluation of financial and accounting practices;
  • building relationships with agencies of public finance to which client companies must report and submitting the required statements regarding taxes and social contributions;
  • helping to solve any other problems related to accountancy or accounting information;
  • founding of new companies, the administration of small or middle Enterprises.

We achieve these goals through open communication and interaction with management of our client companies, supporting their interest in obtaining profitable results while respecting the legal requirements related to finance, bookkeeping, and taxes.

R&A ACCOUNTING - What We Offer
R&A ACCOUNTING - What We Offer
R&A ACCOUNTING - What We Offer